Template WIZARD alows you easy to create +30 email templates in style of your company and directly use it from ZENDUZ or export it to your favorite email software.

You will be led step by sstep by creating many email templates (+30) you can freely use inside the ZENDUZ or export to your email software leke Outloog, Gmail, Apple Mail and many others with simple copy paste funcion.

Company and personal data will be used in the templates. More data you will provide more accurate the template will look like. But do not worry as you can repate the Wizard process as many time you want and fine tune it to your needs
1. Enter your Company Data
2. Enter your Personal data
3. Return to your “personal” page and change the data any time you want or need.
In WIZARD you can add two images. In the EMAIL EDITOR you can add as many images as you want.
1. FIRST IMAGE is your company logo. The best result you will get if the image is bigger tan 700 pixels and in the PNG transparant format.
2. SECOND IMAGE is your signature and it is optional. The best result you will get if the image is bigger tan 700 pixels and in the PNG transparant format. If you have problem creating those two images we can do it for you. Just go to “PRICING” and select “Order LOgo and Signature for only €19,- and they will be put in your account inside the 24 hours

About PNG. To create transparant PNG file of your logo do the following:
Among many other great features of ZENDUZ allows you to customize your look with a transparent logo and signature. Rather than just uploading a .JPG, which is a flattened image, we allow you to upload a .PNG. This allows you to easily change background colors,Open your .JPEG logo in http://www.iaza.com

01. Click to Load Image 
02. Browse on your computer for your Logo 
03. Load Image 
04. Select Convert to PNG
05. Select 4 colum => Layer => Transparent
06. Click on the background of your Logo image 
07. Set “Approximate Color (Fuzz)” on 10% to 30% 
08. Press “Convert” button 
09. Go with mouse over the image and Click with the right mouse buttom
10. Select Save Image As... and sane your image

Now you can import your image to ZENDUZ
If you have rtouble “cleaning: your images, please send us your logo (as big as possible) in any format you have it and we will prepare it for you. For €19.50 we will prepare 2 images for your email templates. [PRICING]


The Wizard will now save all templates with yur logo and other data you have provided. You can repaete this process as many times you vant for achiving the best result.

You have now +- 50 templates in your style. You can delete the ones you do not like and leave the one you like.

You can always open the Singel Template => by choosing a single template from left Menu

Create & Send

by choosing a singel template from:


Now you are in Editor.