You can CHOOSE from more than 100 Templates from 3 categories to modify and use and send.

The categories are:

1. Documents 
letters, invoices, offers, invitations...
2. Newsletters 
for different purpuses, but commercial email toboost company preformance
3. Greetings 
for different business occasions, from New Year to congratiolations for getting
    a new emploey, or a new contract

We belive we should use any “human” and “Pleasant” reason to stay in contact with our business partners by simply saying: Im still here and at your service” even when you do not have a “Special” offer


From the Left menu choose CREATE & SEND and select a desigerd section

Documents (letters, invatations, offers, invoices, visit cards, company cards...)

Newsletters (different commercials templates for promoting company, product or service...)

Greetings (New year, new Employee, New contract, company University...)

Saved (your with Wizard created Templates and all your saved or modifyed Templates...)

1. Create and Send menu where you can choose desired “ZENDUZ” email Tempate or your own saved Tempate made with Wizard or any other way.

2. Tempates categories where you choose Tempate , modify it and SEND it to single or multiple Contacts.

3. Members menu (Import and Export your Contacts and create Groups of your Contacts for sending Tempate to multiple Contancts = Marketing tool)

4. Outbox keep record of your send emails and statistict about bouncing and opening your emails / Tempates

5. Manage tool to change or add your Company data, Personal data, change Logo or Signature or Restart Wizzard

6. Help to help you with ZENDUZ in all aspects.

1. Click on the selected Template.

2. Now you are in ADVANCED EDITOR. With moving mouse over the Elements you activate the Container or Text or Image element. 

3. By clicking on Element  it will open the menu belonging to the element Container, Text or Image